Snacks and Juice Needed

Camp Ohana

Attention all advocates and citizens of Osceola County:

 We need snacks and juice this Saturday at 8 P.M.

 Join us Saturday for “Movie Night Under the Stars” we are expecting 120 kids. Please contact Ms. Connie at 407-518-1801 and leave a voicemail or text message and she will get back to you as-soon-possible.

If you would like to drop off snacks and juice in-person, across from the courthouse is a drop-off point. 

Green Vistas & Camp Ohana ask for Richard Ohler  

Green Vistas & Camp Ohana

7 N Vernon Ave

Kissimmee FL 34741


Camp Ohana is geared to serve the children of Families in Transition along the 192 hotel corridor in Kissimmee. Families in Transition are not homeless in the way people often imagine homelessness. They live in single rooms in the budget motels that make up the far stretches of the tourist strip. They go unnoticed by motorists and locals, although the struggles of poverty are very apparent to those that choose to see them. They are the forgotten ones.

These kids often don’t know where their next meal will come from, or if they’ll have a roof over their head tomorrow. They’re constantly in a state of flux, with very few options for their families to stabilize. Their situation creates not only immediate risks, but the odds are stacked against them rising out of poverty.

For more information on Camp Ohana and ways to contribute, visit


If you have a copy of a recent background check and would like to volunteer please contact – 407-518-1801 as soon as possible and leave a message.
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