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Osceola Homeless Voice desires to fill in the gaps and offset some of the negative stereotypes far too many people who live in a home have towards the chronically homeless. These misunderstandings are extremely destructive and can hinder efforts to help some of the most vulnerable residents of our community. Our mission is to provide a powerful voice for the chronically-homeless in Osceola County, Florida by meeting their individual basic needs, providing an existence worthy of human dignity, and restoring hope.

When we encounter chronically homeless people through S.H.O.U.T. outreach, our volunteers work diligently to build relationships and inform the homeless of non-profit programs and community resources available in Osceola County.

The harsh reality is homelessness can leave even the strongest person feeling powerless, isolating and disconnecting them from society, so forming trustworthy relationships that build a positive connection is the critical first step. To be clear not all of our clients have drug addictions; many are just mentally broken down, lack confidence, and are especially distrustful of others.

Osceola Homeless Voice never has any preconceived ideas about what a chronically homeless person might need. We recognize that homelessness never fits into a neat, stereotyped box. There are always extremely complicated situations underlying why each person becomes homeless in the first place.

To work effectively with chronically homeless clients, it requires a lot of patience and intense compassion. Homeless advocacy is definitely not for everyone. You must be non-judgmental and open to the needs of the person as an individual.

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