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Crisis Center – 24/7

Crsis Center

One-Stop Crisis Center-Citizens Homeless Task Force Meeting Calling ALL nonprofits, volunteers, private citizens, religious leaders, corporate leaders, and business owners. We are asking that we unite and combine our strengths as well as our passions to address Osceola County’s very complex levels of homelessness and the need for action. We believe by providing a one-stop 24-hour center that is working

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Snacks and Juice Needed

Camp Ohana

Attention all advocates and citizens of Osceola County:  We need snacks and juice this Saturday at 8 P.M.  Join us Saturday for “Movie Night Under the Stars” we are expecting 120 kids. Please contact Ms. Connie at 407-518-1801 and leave a voicemail or text message and she will get back to you as-soon-possible. If you would like to drop off snacks

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Check Fraud Ring Targets Osceola Homeless

Using people who are homeless to cash counterfeit checks has become a booming and profitable scam that basically works like this: it starts by stealing incoming and outgoing checks from a local business. This provides the scammers with the bank routing information and proper signatures for the accounts. Then they look for a homeless person with an ID and offer to buy

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