Call To Action: Osceola County

 Call and Email County Commissioners

We need your help!
You are a critical part of rallying support that will give a hand up to some of the most vulnerable citizens in Osceola County. No input from citizens about issues is interpreted as a lack of community interest. So it is important that you voice your opinion before and during the meeting Monday, July 16, 2018.

Sample Letter to the County Commissioners

Subject Line: One-Stop Crisis Care Center

Dear Commissioner ______, I reside at __________________ in District _____ of Osceola County, and write to express my fullest support for a 24 hour ‘One-Stop Crisis Care Center’ in Osceola County that would streamline what is often a chaotic search for help when families and individuals find themselves in moments of crisis.

This One-Stop Crisis Care Center will have a low barrier approach, with extended night and weekend hours that will provide basic daily necessities for those facing a crisis in our county. Something Osceola County currently does not have such as hot food twice a day, every day of the week, daily showers/lockers, mail room, laundry room, cell phone/computer stations, food pantry, education and job training, clothing closet and assistance in navigating a large complicated system of care.

For example right now in Osceola County, if someone has a crisis on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 PM with no family or friends to turn to. The wait of eighty-nine hours (Thursday 3:00 PM until Monday 8: 00 AM) just to make an appointment (which could be up to a month away) to receive an assessment evaluation from the Community Hope Center can seem like an eternity for someone in an immediate crisis.

We all know that a crisis often comes at unexpected times and can be very overwhelming for all involved. When you can’t find help soon you start to feel hopeless and become more stressed out with each hour that passes. It is extremely intimidating going through a crisis alone so it is critical to de-escalate it as quickly as possible and communication is key. Sometimes all a person needs to get back on their feet faster is one human being encouraging them and caring enough to be there to guide them every step of the way.

I  believe that a collaborative resource center under one roof among many nonprofit organizations will save taxpayers money, help eliminate abuse, fraud, and the ‘double dipping’ of valuable resources. In closing,  I urge you to vote yes in support of a 24-hour One-Stop Crisis Care Center. Thank you in advance for considering my request.


Sincerely, Your Name, address, email address, phone number


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