Action Plan Meeting for Osceola County Citizens

Open to the Public Homeless Task Force

Action Plan Meeting for Osceola County Citizens ‘Care Crisis One-Stop Center’

Wednesday, February 28 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM
Administration Building, 1 Courthouse Square, 4th floor
Kissimmee 34741

Homelessness costs taxpayers a lot of money. Join Commissioner Choudhry as she presents a Plan of Action that will help SAVE taxpayers money and will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

We are asking for your participation so, be sure to wear your favorite thinking cap and be prepared to share any ideas you have as we muse with united hearts and one voice for Osceola’s homeless.

Voices for the homeless we must unite.

Did you know that we are paying more as taxpayers to walk past that homeless person on the street and do nothing than we would be paying to give them an apartment?

“Based on our study of a cohort of 107 chronically homeless
individuals, we calculated that the average annual cost to be
homeless and cycling in and out of incarceration, emergency rooms, and inpatient hospitalizations were $31,065 per person per year.
Average cost per year for the cohort for the tri-county area of Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties is $3,323,955, for a 10-year total cost of $33,239,553.
Providing permanent supportive housing for individuals with similar histories of chronic homelessness and disabling conditions in Central Florida cost an average of $10,051 per person per year, an annual cost savings of $21,014 per person, or a community cost reduction of 68% per person, per year”
– PSH Cost Study

P.S. Share this information with everyone you know and bring two friends to the meeting.


  • This is great but as a current homeless individual please show the entire problem not just one piece. The Community Development Block Grant Action Plan 2015-2019 surveys were commented on by 49 Residents? Last time I checked the Homeless don’t have a Residence hence the problem? Also, a big portion of the CDBG money is poured into not creating housing but maintaining infrastructure for current housing? So if Federal Funds build housing to assist with shelter, win! Development is built, increase in taxes for State, Local. Rent assistance programs and breaks for owners, subsidies for renters win… Individuals get jobs, who in turn flow money thru local business! win. Not huge income but still enough to make some difference. Pipes have wear and Tear in building and flow problems as any other would. However, instead of State or Local issue, use CDBG money to correct low income housing??? Why when will it ever be able to maintain a responsible difference on local influx or difference so Fed can assist with establishing new money to move growing need. So more buildings, more jobs, more revenue, more business, more tax-legal. A big portion of the current Community Development Block Grant is going to support the remolding and improvements of existing housing????? Will they ever be able to be self sufficient????? Also, can someone tell me why if Florida is the third largest homeless population in the Country there is NO SENATOR on THE SUBCOMMITTEE FOR THE Department of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill? Every time I look at this issue it makes me ill and before I was homeless I could have not paid attention either. So I will be there if for nothing else to get people to register to VOTE. And to let them know there are two sides to every story. There is a need for more money but there is a need to have a real hard look to see what it is you are doing with the current money. And not driven by politicians but by the down and out. Stop showing me just one side of how much it costs for one person or family. Tell me what you are doing right now. Show me the Process all of IT.

    • When I am talking about Self Sufficiency I am talking about the State and Local Governments in assisting with public work projects and enhancements to existing low income buildings housing families and elderly they are so anxious to oversee and be administrators for. Transparency is key… So be prepared to show How Much You are Spending For Existing Projects (Federal), How Much Did the State Add in for that Aid, How Much Did Osceola County Use in Funding? That is total aid for homeless and then by category. Improvements vs. New Buildings….. Let us see the whole picture…. Trust me we can handle it… How much in Like Kind Contributions were received from Businesses and Outside Organizations. We can process it. Then lets put our thinking caps on…. I have seen how convoluted some of these systems and data can be.

    • Thank you for your comment. We do not have all the answers you seek. However, we will be happy to help you find them.

      The process of what?

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