What We Do

Dedicated to Empowering the Chronic Homeless 

Osceola Homeless Voice is dedicated to empowering advocates, uniting them with one voice. We stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to improve some of the negative stereotypes many people have towards men, women, and children who do not have a place to call home. Delivering basic human needs, information, hope, and compassion to some of the most vulnerable citizens of Osceola County, Florida.

Whether you live in a house and drive a truck, or sleep in a dumpster with all of your belongings in a rucksack. As human beings, we are born with an internal yearning for a place of safety, security, comfort, and belonging. We all long for the safe harbor of a home; a place saturated with independence and bathed in freedom.

There are many extraordinary local organizations and agencies who serve the poor and those at-risk of becoming homeless in Osceola County, Florida. They provide day resource services such as hot showers, clothing, food,  rental, and utility help. Veteran’s services, housing, and childcare as well as medical and dental care for the uninsured and under-insured citizens of Osceola County.

Sadly, due to limited funding, staffing, and supplies, many of these day resource services are only accessible for limited hours during the day, a few days a week. Another complication is far too many of these amazing organizations know very little about the other.

Osceola Homeless Voice believes we can change this and fill most of the gaps using one point of entry that is open 24-hours a day, all year around. Many community advocates and nonprofit organizations agree and have been working diligently to help improve the bottlenecks and fill in the gaps. Believing strongly that by providing a one-stop 24-hour center, where anyone can go for vetted information about local resources is exactly what Osceola County needs to help more of its citizens more efficiently

A place where you can take a hot shower, fill your belly with healthy food, change your socks and unmentionables when you feel the need. A place where you can learn to navigate the latest technology, experience interview coaching, and build a professional resume that will help you land a job. As well as offer you professional wear so you’re looking sharp for the big day. Or maybe you just need a hug and some advice because you’ve had a rough couple of weeks and have no family support to lean on.

When you are in a crisis and have nowhere else left to turn, think about how amazing it would be to find a place where… hope never sleeps.

It is time for our homeless brothers and sisters to emerge from ordinance imprisonment, and rejoin our communities, moreover to thrive in dignity and mutual respect.

We believe that a solution to our homeless crisis will take all of us

Working together, united  with one voice we


Let’s unite and create lasting solutions that will work for Osceola County!

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