24/7 One-Stop Crisis Care Center for Osceola County

Crsis Center

 One-Stop Crisis Center

For those who can’t make it to the meetings now is your chance to have an impact.

As a constituent, your voice matters. A short courteous email, phone call, or letter (snail-mail) to our elected officials can show we care deeply—the more interest generated by constituents and the media the more likely our elected officials will respond!

No input from citizens about issues is interpreted as a lack of community interest.

A well-crafted message, on the other hand, can improve community support and let officials know their constituents are sincerely looking for a change. Remember all elected officials are in office because of voters like us. Their central focus is to respond to voter concerns, but they need to hear from us before they can respond.

You are a critical part of rallying support that will give a hand-up to some of the most vulnerable citizens in Osceola County.

Monday, July 16, 2018, Commissioner Peggy Choudhry will be asking for money to​ ​help start-up a 24/7 One-Stop Crisis Care Center for Osceola County that would streamline what is often a chaotic search for help when families and individuals find themselves in moments of crisis.

We would like to encourage you to write, call and email your Commissioners, newspaper editors, and favorite radio-tv and media outlets before the meeting asking them to join us in this bipartisan, grassroots-effort for the first 24/7 One-Stop Crisis Center in Osceola County

Services that can be offered at the center include job training and career counseling, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, life skills, senior services, phone centers, mail services, a locked storage area. computer labs, a clothes closet, food pantry, veterans services, day laborers, meals, a laundry room, showers and more.

Let’s make history together!


Every letter, email, and phone call matters. Please encourage others to join us on Monday, July 16, 2018.

Multiple voices are always louder than one!


Sample Talking Points to Include:

  • Building infrastructure takes a very long time, this One-Stop approach makes sense that will address the immediate needs of today. While securing affordable housing in the future
  • This will actually save taxpayers a lot of money the research has already been done to prove that.
  • This is NOT going to be a homeless shelter.
  • No one is asking to build anything from the ground up. The building has already been offered for this pilot program with very little adjustments required to accommodate the needs of a​ ​24/7 ‘One-Stop Crisis Center’.
  • Many nonprofits, business owners, and corporations​ ​are ready to collaborate, rotate and share satellite office space.
  • This will be a massive collaboration of organizations already operating.
  • Every organization will still be doing what they specialize in.
  • We believe that a collaborative resource center under one roof among non-profit organizations and the County will save taxpayers money, help eliminate abuse, fraud, and the ‘double dipping’ of valuable resources
  • A central intake and assessment center for referrals, screenings, and crisis assessment available 24-hours a day to cut many of the barriers by providing services seven days a week to speed up the recovery time for individuals and families in crisis.
  • A single point of entry will enhance the community safety-net by uniting many local service providers in one easily accessible location working together in satellite office spaces.
  • This will be a hand up not a handout

Snail Mail Address:

Administration Bldg. – Board of County Commissioners
Attention Commissioner (Insert name)
1 Courthouse Square,
Suite 4700
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Call County Commissioners at (407) 742-2000

Viviana Janer- District 2 
email: Viviana.Janer@osceola.org

Brandon Arrington- District 3 
email: Brandon.Arrington@osceola.org

Cheryl Grieb-District 4
email: Cheryl.Grieb@osceola.org

Fred Hawkins, Jr.- District 5
email: Fred.HawkinsJr@osceola.org

Please email me if you have any questions  –  OsceolaHomelessVoice@gmail.com


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  • Great job on the Above Lisa D! We will have a 24/7 One Stop Crisis Center in Osceola County as long as We Never Give Up!!! Pastor Bill Napolitano III

  • I believe this will be a very difficult battle to win, but it must be DONE!!! We need More of the Team to Come Together to proceed to build a Battle Plan to hit the Streets & Yes, even in the Woods – to Help the Homeless of Osceola County! As a United States Air Force Veteran, I learned long ago that there are a Series of Battles you must under-go before you can Win the War! This is much the Same Thing when dealing with Our Elected County Officials! Not all of them are On-Board with Making the 24/7 One Stop Crisis Center a Reality! We actually Need 1 Crisis Center in Each of the Districts to Truly Help All of the Homeless of Osceola County!!! Feel Free to Write to Me at My Email: Pastor-Bill@outlook.com or Come to the First of All Get Together of the Entire Osceola Homeless Voice Team… Soon to be announced as to the – Time, Date & Location! Thank You for All that You do to- HELP!!! God Bless You All, Forever in Christ Jesus, Pastor Bill Napolitano III